Why are we so discreet?

When you work with us, you are always guaranteed:

Full discretion and confidentiality: We never reveal a client or the value of the items we handle.

Identification and routines: Whenever you deal with us, we show identification and follow agreed procedures.

Professionalism down to the last detail.

The right attitude and full responsibility: Without exception, all our employees have undergone thorough identity and security checks. In addition, their training in new observations, smart solutions, stricter requirements and better craftsmanship is ongoing.

Timeliness and accuracy: We arrive on time, do what we have to do, clean up after us and always invoice in accordance with the approved quote. This means that you are in control every step of the way.

Insurance and alarms: It goes without saying that we have proven security solutions for ourselves so that you can rest assured that your art is in safe hands when we are responsible for it.

ARTSEC is a 100% privately owned limited company with business reg. no. 556831-0741